InfoDecember 30, 2012  

The Detektiv Bureau, Nadine Gerber and Mathis Pfäffli, are the current inhabitants of an a RV which is provided by the Pfeifer Foundation.
By the occasion of that grant the travel goes from switzerland — europes richest country — to greece which is said to be the center of europes current financial crisis. At these turbulent times the greeks are facing a situation, in which they have to rethink old habits of trade — the national theater in athens for example provides the option to get tickets by bartering it for goods.

Under these premises the Detektiv Bureau decided to make a research on how people deal with trade and values in the regions they’ll cross during their journey. By starting with one item and bartering it to another on each stop of the trip, they expect to get a picture of the current perception of value in that part of the western world.

This website is a chronological documentation of the
venture and provides our achievements to you.

Nadine Gerber is born in 1984, she currently lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. []

Mathis Pfäffli is born in 1983, he currently lives and works between Lucerne, Switzerland and Leipzig, Germany. []

So long and as always: Stay friendly.

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