item #18April 9, 2013


Date: 20/3/2013 Trader: Unknown Lottery ticket seller
Location: Athens (GR) Exchanged for: item #17

Greek lottery ticket [trade value: 2€]

↪ Athens

item #16March 11, 2013

item #16

Date: 9/3/2013 Trader: Jana Popovska
Location: Ohrid (MK) Exchanged for: item #15

A Miniature of Saint Mary and Saint Clement of Ohrid [trade value: ˜3€]

↪ Orthodoxy

item #15March 5, 2013

item #15

Date: 1/3/2013 Trader: Besim Alaj
Location: Pejë (Kosovo) Exchanged for: The promise to give item #14 to someone else.

A pencil of a KFOR unit, and a souvenir sign of a NATO comandante [trade value: ˜17€]

Kosovo Connection

item #14March 3, 2013

item #14

Date: 1/3/2013 Trader: Dragan Matanović
Location: Kotor (MRE) Exchanged for: item #13

A souvenir sculpture of the monastery of ostrog, and in addition a guide to Kotors Hotels and a french travel guide of Montenegro [trade value: ˜10€]

↪ Kotor, the old trading city

Item #13February 26, 2013

Item #12

Date: 25/2/2013 Trader: Amila Ramović
Location: Sarajevo, AERS AEVI Exchanged for: item #12

Set of catalogues of the AERS AEVI Collections, tea cup of the national gallery of Sarajevo, CD they got from an exhibition in Vienna [trade value: ˜16€]

Sarajevo: The Museum is closed

Item #12February 22, 2013

Šabac (Šabaćko Pozorište)

Date: 22/2/2013 Trader: Aneta and Ivan Tomašević
Location: Šabac, Šabaćko Pozorište (SRB) Exchanged for: item #11

A little key chain drum and a book with short theater pieces by Željko Hubać [trade value: ˜12€]


item #11February 22, 2013

item #11

Date: 20/2/2013  Trader: Rajka Babić
Location: Obrenovac (SRB) Exchanged for: item #10

A tea cup with the schools logo printed on it and a calendar with pictures of serbian monastries also with the logo of the school [trade value: ˜9€]

↪ Tehnička Škola Obrenovac

item #10February 18, 2013

item #10

Date: 18/2/2013  Trader: Attila Karlo Flamm
Location: Slavonski Brod (HR) Exchanged for: item #9

Chocolate by the Croatian brand Kraš [trade value: unknown (item was wrapped in white paper)]

↪ Attila Karlo Flamm

item #9February 17, 2013

item #9

Date: 15/2/2013  Trader: Vedran Ostosić
Location: Kutina (HR) Exchanged for: item #8

Shirt by UNA TEKSTIL d.o.o. (Muška klasična podkošulja)[trade value: ˜10€]


item #8February 17, 2013

item #8

Date: 14/2/2013  Trader: Borut Korošec
Location: Ljubljana Exchanged for: item #7

Sculpture, burned clay [trade value: ˜350€]

↪ Visit Borut Korošec

item #7February 12, 2013


Date: 11/2/2013  Trader: Hedy Benventi
Location: Trieste/ Grand Hotel Duchi D’Aosta Exchanged for: item #6

A dish of the old corporate Porcelain ware with golden rim and emblem [trade value: ˜10€]

↪ Meeting with a grande hotelière

item #6February 9, 2013


Date: 9/2/2013  Trader: Andrea Sant
Location: Venezia (Caffetteria al Cant) Exchanged for: item #5

A coffee cup by the italian coffee brand Dersut [trade value: 1,5€]

item #5February 8, 2013

item #5

Date: 7/2/2013  Trader: Tiziano Carron
Location: Brescia/ Liceo Artistico Statale (Portineria) Exchanged for: item #4

An italian translation of Hermann Hesses “Siddharta”, unfortunately we don’t know anything about the emotional value of that item since Tiziano was very busy that day. [trade value: 1€]

↪ Bartering at the “Liceo Artistico Statale”

item #4February 6, 2013


Date: 5/2/2013  Trader: Pier Giorgio De Pinto Location: Bellinzona at MACT/CACT Exchanged for: item #3

Wax pencils which were used by the owner to produce his artwork. [trade value: ˜ 10 CHF]

Barter at MACT/CACT

item #3February 6, 2013

item #3

Date: 5/2/2013 “Agatha-Day” Trader: Giuanna Cathomen Location: Domat/Ems Exchanged for: item #2

A half of a bread, which was blessed by a priest in the church of Domat/Ems. This is a catholic tradition in the region on Agatha-Day, which is every year on the 5th of february. [trade value: 1,75 CHF]

Domat Ems, Agatha-Day

item #2February 4, 2013

item #2

Date: 4/2/2013
Trader: Eliane Crevoisier
Location: Bern (information desk at Bundeshaus) Exchanged for: item #1

A postcard showing a photograph of the ‘justice’ painted by Antonio Barzaghi-Cattaneo, a ceiling painting inside the parliament [trade value: 0,5 CHF].

↪ First Day on the Road

item #1February 4, 2013

item #1

Date: 4/2/2013
Trader: Rahel von Kaenel
Location: Bern (via internet)

The rejection email from Eveline Widmer-Schlumpfs assistant. It was printed in Lucerne at Maihofstrasse 5 with a Brother printer on common laser jet A4 paper.